New builder friendly bamboo supplier!

It can be hard to get your hands on high quality bamboo, but in particular hard to find a bamboo supplier that is willing to work with you to get the poles you need.   Bamboo Habitat just sent me some samples of black and henon bamboo that were pretty amazing.  They were properly aged and dried.  More to the point he seems willing to go out of the way to get you what you are looking for.  In comparison bamboo fencer was difficult/impossible to reach and only seemed interested in the project after they found my website.  (Just for full disclosure this is not a paid advertisement, believe me I don’t make money from this site).

Map the BamBikes!

This google map is open to all for collaboration.  Post a picture of you bike!

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Help Philip

9 days and less than $1000 to go.  Again… help a fellow bike builder get started with his business (not me, a reader).


Support a fellow bike builder!

Ok guys/gals we can make a christmas business wish come true!  HELP a fellow reader start a business.  Click here and contribute.

Great new bike from a reader in Japan

Evan & buddy bikes!

Here is a new set of carbon and bamboo bikes. Amazing designs and fine craftsmanship.

I said they are working on their own website.  Hope to post a link soon.  

Another reader’s bike

Here is a beautiful new single gear put together by Mike in Silver Spring MD!