Introducing the Bambulance

Aid through design… need I say more?  Ok. I will.  I just ran into this project put together by design for development.  As many of you know, the needs in isolated rural communities in Africa are simple in principal only.  This project leverages local resources and materials to improve the quality of life for others.  Pretty damn amazing.  They are rolling them out/producing them in Kenya and Namibia now. Support them time or resources.


More readers bikes

Bicycle Sidecar & Bamboo Trailer

Just a random thought here.  Have any of you built a bamboo bicycle sidecar?  Or a bamboo trailer?  If so send some pictures.

Reader’s Completed Bikes!

Thanks to everyone for making this such a successful blog.  If you have pictures or comments/feedback please leave a comment on the blog!

Kosayno’s Bamboo Mountain Bike

Ben’s Bike

Gabor’s KoBike

San Fran Bill’s Bike – check out his blog

Jeff S. from Santa Cruz

Paul W’s Bamboo

This is not a normal blog

It came to my attention that some people were confused with the organization of this blog.  Just click on the tabs above for the real content. Thanks!

A quick movie

Thanks to Robin Bergaus, and Leslie Friday for making the video!

Almost Done

Photos by Robin Berghaus

Just a few more things to do (cable housings) and its all done!

Photo by Robin Berghaus