Mini Projects

Hemp & Epoxy Headtube

It is also possible to make tubes out of this stuff. Here is an experimental head tube. I used pipe insulation as a mold (with wood pole through it to keep it straight). They I applied wetted hemp fabric to make the inside of the tube and then used the loose fiber for the rest. You can set a headset in this thing and Im pretty sure it legit. Although I should say that calfee seems to use alot of metal components.

Hemp & Epoxy Seat

Attempting to make a seat out of hemp fabric. Planning to treat the canvas cloth like carbon fiber. Multiple layers of canvas layered on at different angles to increase strength.

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  1. Posted by Bill on April 22, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Wow, this is a great (and helpful) site. I’m rolling up my sleeves to build one of these myself and from looking at how much experience you have, I find myself wondering if you leave in or near the SF Bay area (where I live)? I am sure that talking with you would be helpful in many ways (sharing insights and inspiration, etc.).


    • Sorry afraid that Im in MA. SF sounds nice though. Feel free to contact me via email if you have some specific questions. I think that you will find that you can logic your way through most of the problem with a little bit of trial and error. Just test your theories before you commit to them 🙂


  2. Isn’t it total Irony ? I am a farmer in North Dakota, In our History, this state was founded, and pioneered by farmers, whom were attracted to the state, by, the Guarantee they would get, at minimum $ 2.00 Per bail of HEMP ! more so, the fact it has Zilch THC, as a matter of fact, during the alleged Drug wars. Many Sheriffs’ would swath a few tons of wild Hemp, stack it in the court house parking lot, and tell the press, it was Pot taken from evil growers, and burn it. and always got reelected. and now we can not grow it here, and save a forest or more ? ? ? ? Cool Bikes, and I got a Shaft drive, to convert !


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