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Stalk Bikes

An Oakland based bike builder produces high-quality bamboo bikes as well as artistically crafted custom bikes.

  • 1-speed hub crusier $2250
  • 8-speed internal      $2500
  • Custom or frame-only  Contact




Bambolution is an interesting newcomer to the business. They create fantastic looking high-end bikes but also emphasize sustainability (human and eco) by stick with hemp lugs, eco resins and hiring in developing countries.

  • Frames – 800 Euros
  • Bikes – 1,300 – 3,000 Euros


Earthbound Bikes

A new builder in the UK.  Looks like good build quality and reasonably priced for a custom build!    500 pounds (currency… not weight)




  • Bamboo Mountain Bikes & Road Bikes
  • Bikes are built in poverty stricken areas of Africa/Philippines etc
  • Bamboosero is an off-shoot of Calfee Design
  • Great idea, great bikes
  • Prices
  • Frames ~ $900
  • Completes ~$2000- 2950



Calfee Design

  • Calfee design was really the first on the scene.
  • Bamboo mountain and road bikes, hemp fiber or carbon fiber joints
  • High quality, high art,  but $$$
  • Prices
    • Frames – $2900
    • Completes. $4900+

Renovo Bikes

  • Renovo takes it to the next level with bamboo composite & wood frames as well as hardwood racing frames.
  • Serious bikes for serious riders
  • Prices
    • Frames ~ $2000+

Boo Bikes

  • Sure they’re expensive but they only weigh 16 pounds and they are works of art… So if you have the cash.  Go for it.
  • Custom bamboo and carbon road frames
  • Prices
    • Frame $2600+



Panda Bikes

  • Panda bikes gives you a quality build.
  • Single-speed, commuter & road bamboo bikes
  • Prices
    • Completes for $2500



Webb Works Bikes

  • Bamboo bikes built in Thailand
  • Bamboo and carbon road and commuter
  • Prices
    • Frames – $800
    • Custom Frames – $900

Organic Bikes & Parts

  • Seems like the went out of business! Too bad.

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  1. If you’re interested in finding us, our website is


  2. Hi Phill, great article and comparison, theres also Mauselli, Threepenny, Sylvan had a nice one, BME, bamboocycles (Mexico), Human, the new one in Alabama, and more every week. I met your 2 sons in Austin at NAHBS this year.

    Best regards,
    James Wolf


    • Posted by Matthew on March 28, 2012 at 4:05 am

      Hello Mr Wolf,

      I’ve seen you working, on youtube. I like your style, and your product. I’m a Kiwi (NZ) staying in Thailand, in a quiet country town down south, and I’d like very much to build a road bike frame for use here.
      Would I be able to purchase some treated bamboo and other parts such as S.Head, B.Bracket, dropouts for int.gear hub, from you please?
      I know I can do a very nicely finished hand-built product myself, and I’m looking for some quality materials to start my first bike.
      If you could, please reply to Mattwellness at I’d really appreciate that.



      • I am sorry Matt, I don’t sell any materials at this moment. There is quite a bit of information about where to source materials on the site however. If you run into any new sources in NZ let me know and I can share the information with everyone. Good luck and have fun!

    • Posted by Martika on April 22, 2012 at 7:52 pm

      Hello Mr. Wolf,

      My name is Martika Jenkins and I am an undergraduate student. I am working on a research project for bamboo bikes and am looking for people that have experience building and riding them. This is the first time that I have heard about bamboo bikes and would just like to learn about your experience and how you first heard about them. I would really appreciate your time if you would talk with me, my email is

      Thank you for your time,


  3. omg these bikes are amazing is there a layway option? i like the road bike a mtn bike frame the most


  4. Posted by Ludo on September 27, 2011 at 11:35 am

    great blog thank you for that.
    What is the cost of making your own bamboo bike?
    Minimum/maximum or average (including tools, materials…)


    • Wow… thats a good question. Its hard to say since a large amount of my effort went into experiments, mistaken orders etc. I would assume that if you have all the tools necessary, and you keep things simple (single speed) you could put together a bike for 400-500 dollars. If you are buying used parts (chopping up a brooken bike, etc) it could be as little at 250-300, but its hard to imagine getting the price down much more than that for a fully built bike. Tools, of course, cost lots of money. If you live in an urban area look into tool lending libraries. Free tools! Hope that helps.


  5. Posted by Stephen on November 2, 2011 at 10:52 pm


    The bikes look nice, just a few areas/ questions commonly on the minds & hope to clarify herein.

    1. Wet weather & bike’s geometry deformation?
    2. Useful life of the organic bike?
    3. Racing/ training usage style, can the frame stands the usage mode?
    4. How reliable are the joints of bamboo to the lugs?
    5. Estimated completed bike weight with say Dura ace groupset & wheelset for a road bike.
    6. Are you willing to tailor built to measures? if so, at what price & delivery period.

    Generally, people like me likes to have your bamboo or wood bike as for semi training or week ends ride usage with a balance of bike reliability, cost & weight in mind plus off cause the nice feels of riding a classic art works.


    • Posted by Stephen on November 3, 2011 at 6:33 am

      Thank you for the reply. I felt more confident after learning the reply.

      Will send an email enquiry to Nick on purchasing on Boo road bike, make to measure with customized wordings, perfectly with my name printed on will be nice.

      Rgd, Stephen from Malaysia.


  6. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for keeping the discussion on bamboo bikes rolling. Allow me to answer your points below.

    1. Wet weather & bike’s geometry deformation?
    There is absolutely no deformation due to weather, my bikes are as stiff as any bike out there, however they do absorb the finer vibrations that cause discomfort on an ultra stiff bike.

    2. Useful life of the organic bike?
    Ten to twenty years, much longer than most people stick with one bike anyway.

    3. Racing/ training usage style, can the frame stands the usage mode?
    Absolutely! Boo bikes are race ridden by numerous professionals in Cross, Road and MTB. Nick Frey, Tyler Wren, Esteban Chavez to name a few. Fist place finishes in the Miami Veulta, Crusher in the Tushar (First place overall and first place single speed), other podium and notable finishes have been taken on bamboo bikes made by Boo.

    4. How reliable are the joints of bamboo to the lugs?
    The lugs are stronger than most carbon bikes and the tubing does not bend and stay that way like metals do. It bends and then returns back to its original geometry. A bamboo frame will be more usable than any other frame du to the fact that it will not shatter or bend, but will flex and return. (Think fishing pole). We have had numerous reports of heavy crashes that totaled the wheels and forks, but the frame was dead straight afterwords.

    5. Estimated completed bike weight with say Dura ace groupset & wheelset for a road bike.
    Coming in at 15 to 16 pounds is easy, less is even possible.

    6. Are you willing to tailor built to measures? if so, at what price & delivery period
    Absolutely we can build any kind of custom geometry and option. I also can do Pressfit 30 BB shell, carbon head tubes in various sizes and will be offering BB86 and BB92 soon. Please call Nick about purchasing one. 515.554.9226

    Best regards,
    James Wolf


  7. Hi, I’m a director with a UK based brand making tested mountain bikes with more models to follow in the future. The design was developed by Oxford Brooks University and has had a lot of research. We think our bikes are about the best out there, they’re not the cheapest as there are no corners cut, but they’re by no means the most expensive either. They’re manufactured in Yorkshire & available to UK & worldwide.

    They can be ordered direct from the website & Edinburgh Bike Coop will also be stocking bikes & frames from February 2012.


  8. James, thanks for the comments–and yes, I’m here to answer questions and take orders as well!


  9. Check out Valid Cycles in Seattle. We’re a small company, but we’ve built almost 20 bikes since we started in late 2009, mostly for California (previous HQ) and Seattle locals. We do purely custom and built to order bikes, we’ve grown a lot this last year and have been enjoying a small cult following. We are taking it up a notch in 2012 by increasing our web presence and are excited about the bikes we have hitting the road, including the first triathlon bike we built for a customer (Look out Coeur D’alane Iron man 2012!) One of these days if we have a free moment we’ll update our website😉
    Check us out on Facebook and Twitter as well.


  10. Posted by Juan Estrada on June 27, 2012 at 11:58 am

    I like the concept of the organic bikes metal joints setup. I’ve just started my own bamboo bike project based on your (and other’s) instructions, but it seems to me that making the fiber-epoxy joints is quite a lot of work if you are using an old frame anyway and could use the steel or aluminium joints (not applicable of course to those building from scratch using a jig and so on). What are your thoughts on fiber-epoxy joints vs metal joints such as the organic bikes photo above? How do they bond the bamboo to the metal tubes?


    • I can’t really say I have experience with bamboo to metal bonding without fibers of some sort. I would assume that you would need the metal submerged into the bamboo at least 2″. It might be as simple as bonding with epoxy, although I really can’t be sure. Just remember to do all the metal/epoxy prep as I discuss on the site. Good luck!


  11. Posted by Jason on July 21, 2012 at 6:44 am

    Hi my name is Jason; I am a student at Constantia Waldorf School, currently in grade 11. We are assigned a 10 month projecting with very little boundaries to what the project must consist of other than to diaries our process as well as the history of the subject that we are to choose. The purpose of the project is to challenge once self, and grow by overcome the obstacles that we face through out the project. Creativity is always encouraged. Previous projects have been to obtain a pilots license, restore a car, write a book, learn sign language and build a house. I have chosen to construct a bamboo or wooden bike. There is one problem; I have been unable to find a company in Cape Town, South Africa that would be able to help to build my own beautiful bike. If you would be able to help in anyway or even point me in the right direction I would be most grateful.


  12. Posted by Roberto arauz on November 16, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Hello all, just to keep the records updated just spotted a quite stylish new player in The Netherlands, pretty colorful set of bikes


  13. Posted by Sam Zacca on January 31, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    We produce complete bamboo bikes and frames made in Ghana West Africa. Kindly let me know if you are interested, or know any one or institution would be interested in buying either bikes or frames


    • Hey Sam,
      Thanks for contacting me. Could you send some more info about your business? Do you have a website yet? I’d be happy to share what you are doing over there.


      • Posted by Sam on February 1, 2013 at 4:32 am


        Thanks for the quick reply.

        We are an established company here in Ghana West Africa for the sole purpose to bring awareness of green products ie, environmentally friendly products to the African continent and to the world. We have started production in adopting Bamboo to produce Products such as Bicycles for the local and foreign market, we are currently shipping frames and bikes to the foreign markets depending on the specs that are given to us. We are producing the following set of frames for export as well as the local market: Ladies Bikes, Mens Bikes and Carry On Bikes.

        Our Plan in the future is to expand our production to include mountain bikes, as well as using bamboo for finishers, and creating a new set of line for bikes for kids as we open up the market in Africa and the world.

        However; if you have any request or demand or know anyone who would be interested, kindly let us know. Our factory can produce well over 200 bikes a month to meet your demand. We are putting up a well defined website as soon as possible and we will keep you informed when it is live for you to visit.


      • Great sounds like a great project. Feel free to send some photos of your bikes too!

  14. Posted by David Eaton on March 3, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Interested in bamboo bikes


  15. Posted by Mia on December 14, 2013 at 3:49 am


    I’d like to surprise my boyfriend and buy him a bamboo bike frame. He is a serious rider and I know nothing about the bikes. I know the size of the bike he rides and I know he’d love to have a bamboo road bike (multi-gear). How do I do this? Please help! Many thanks.


  16. Hello, we are starting a bamboo bike brand and I would be glad to have our first pieces posted here. How can I contact you? Thanks


  17. Posted by Kirsty on February 17, 2014 at 3:33 pm

    Hello, Just looking for some information for my university project if you wouldn’t mind helping me out? I just need opinions for market research.

    1. Is there any weather conditions that will damage a bike made from bamboo?
    2. Can you/do you heat or steam bend the Bamboo?
    3. What do you use to connect each part?
    4. Are the wheels standard?
    5. What would you say are the benefits of using bamboo?




  18. […] Buying one | building a bamboo bike Stalk bikes an oakland based bike builder produces high-quality bamboo bikes as well as artistically crafted custom bikes. 1-speed hub crusier $2250 8-speed internal. […]


  19. Seems a high price for a bike. How do you justify your prices


  20. Posted by Nicolas on October 26, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    I want to buy a bamboo bicycle jig, can you get me the information ?


  21. Here is a top quality bamboo bike from an experienced builder, top quality accessories for sale now:


  22. Hi, just wondering why you don’t mention Bamboobee in this list. I just bought a frame kit from them (haven’t built yet). Their customer service was excellent.

    The packaging is really nice and includes a reusable jig made of MDF.

    One interesting thing I noticed while unpacking the kit is that the top tube, down tube, and seat tube have very thick walls because there are actually two layers – there is a smaller bamboo tube inserted and glued inside each of them presumably for reinforcement. It seems pretty flush so I would assume the inside of the outer bamboo and the outside of the smaller bamboo were machined smooth first. They end up with a wall thickness of about 8 to 12 mm thick, I guess it would be difficult to find natural bamboo that thick.

    The kit is made in China (it’s a good place to source bamboo anyway…) but the founder is Singaporean and the company is based in Singapore. I just think it would be nice to give some exposure to “craft bike” manufacturers that are not in the USA.


  23. Posted by Jennifer on July 21, 2016 at 10:46 am

    I fell in love with the Panda Bike “the One”, am now ready to buy, and now they are nowhere to be found. Any suggestions?


  24. Posted by ellie brown on August 11, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    I have a bamboo vintage bike interested in selling. Rides beautifully but hasn’t been used in 8 years. Needs little tender, loving care. I live outside Philadelphia, pa. My email is looking forward in talking to you. has fenders, basket, bamboo seat all in good shape


  25. Posted by Anandkumar on September 14, 2016 at 12:35 pm

    I want one to take how can I buy I am from India


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